FAQ-1 How many implants can we place?

A constant flow of implant patients will be provided to each assigned chairs during the live surgery course.  The number of implant placement highly depends on the participant's surgical skills. For example: two people sharing one chair, the number of implants placed was as high as 21 implants and as low as 7 implants, excluding third molar extractions. We had a participant in three people sharing two chairs place close to 30 implants. 

All live surgery participants were satisfied with their experience despite the number of implants placed. Participants left the course confidently knowing what an ideal implant placement should be and how to place them in ideal position and angulation
We don't emphasize on the number of implants placed, rather, a proper placement of the implant. If the implant that was placed during live surgery course was considered sub-standard, an explant will be performed. Only implants necessary for the patient's prosthesis will be placed and our main focus is to have a good implant placement and the quality that the patients deserve.  Following our own set of standards, we can proudly say according to the restoring dentist, we had almost no implant failures.

For reference, the following is a table summarizing the number of implants for each participant in the recent course.