Introduce GIA We share ESSE (easy, simle, safe, and efficient) methods for dental clinical practice.

GIIA (Korea)

Gangnam International Implant Academy (GIA) is a prestigious global institution that was founded in 2005 by Dr. Young Sam Kim in Seoul, South Korea.


Our academy has attracted students from around the world, leading to the inception of GIA E&E in California, United States, in 2019. Our core mission is to offer top-quality continuing education courses on dental implants and related subjects.

We have trained a lot of dentists, and we look forward to helping you achieve the next level of your professional clinical skills.

We offer access to excellent faculty and various opportunities across the USA.

Join us on our journey for your amazing professional improvement.

Dr. Kim's journey commenced with the discovery of the ESSE (Easy, Simple, Safe, & Efficient) method, yielding remarkable outcomes and recognition. This discovery fueled his passion for sharing and educating dentists worldwide.

  • 3rd Molar Extraction

  • Mastering Dental Implants

  • Pathway of Implants

At GIA, Dr. Kim has trained distinguished dentists from across the globe, driven by an unwavering dedication to guide you toward unparalleled success in your professional journey. Seize the opportunity to learn from the finest and embark on an enriching path of skill and knowledge development with GIA.

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