1st LIVE SURGERY COURSE / FEB 28 ~ MAR 2, 2019

1st LIVE SURGERY COURSE / FEB 28 ~ MAR 2, 2019

This was the very first live surgery course of Dr. Kim's! We were consisted of 5 dentists - 3 from Seattle, 1 from LA, and 1 from Texas.

We all came to this course because we LOVE Dr. Kim - because he is so handsome....(Dr. Kim told me to write this :p)


We all didn't know what to expect from this first live surgery course, but Dr. Kim planned everything out for us so we can just learn and enjoy the whole experience! Dr. Kim lost his voice on the 2nd day because he was so passionate about teaching every single one of us all day long the first day. The patients that I met were very nice, patient, and grateful. I got to learn some Spanish too :) We were very fortunate to have Dr. Leo Choe who is originally from Argentina who can fluently speak Spanish. He was our translator! After the course, we learned so much about implants and 3rd molar extractions, but we also saw how amazing Dr. Kim was. He is so handsome and genius - he is like our religious sect leader. After working hard during the day, we would go out for delicious Mexican food, of course, with margaritas and tequilas. Even at lunch time, we were provided with authentic Mexican food. I still think about the food that I had while I was there... We were small group of people, so we all became really good friends after couple of days working together about 10 hrs per day. We still have a chat room that is constantly filled with dental questions. We got serious when we work but we also had fun. All the members of the 1st session have gone to the live surgery course at least two times. That's how much we love Dr. Kim!

Testimonial written by Addie Chang


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